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Some Writings and Material on the Web:

A Writer's Digest Poetry Roundtable discussion with Robert Brewer, Kelli Russel Agodon, Tim Green, and Kim Dower 

A few poems from Bodies in Motion

"White Nights, Baryshnikov and a Jeune Homme" and "The Rise and Fall of Bill Robinson" in postscript

"In Jane Austen," "A Brief History of Time," and "The Deep End" in The Wild World

"Rehearsal" in Trouvaille Review 



In April, 2016, Press 53 published Exit, Pursued by a Bear, a collection of poems triggered by stage directions in Shakespeare's plays. Some of them can be read here:

"Enter Helena" in Two Hawks Quarterly

String Figures:  In middle age, I decided to try to learn piano. And, as I do with most things, I wrote about it in a column for Change Seven magazine. 

The Practice of Attention:  Long ago, I wrote a blog about poetry, literature, art, John Denver . . . 

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