Descriptions of Upcoming Worksnops


The High Road Literary Festival: “This They Believe, Your Characters Are Not You”.


The novelist Margaret Mitchell talked about the difficulty of creating characters who are fleshed-out people rather than puppets, and some writers – for example Victor Hugo and Dawn Powell – compared their novels to laboratories.  They put their characters in environments and then watched what happened. Characters shouldn’t be mouthpieces for an author. In this workshop, we’ll discuss how to give characters their freedom (difficult as that may be) even in small spaces such as flash fiction.


NC Writers Network: “Stepping Back from Your Writing”

In James Thurber’s “Many Moons,” a jeweler steps back from a creation and asks, “What is this thing I’ve made?” This is what we all need to do as we revise, but it can be difficult to get the necessary distance. In this workshop, we’ll discuss ways to “defamiliarize yourself” with your writing so that you can see it more clearly, and we’ll consider several quick “down and dirty diagnostics” exercises that help a writer assess a piece of work in process. Participants should a draft in progress and plan to revise.