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Praise for Bleachers

In Bleachers, Joe Mills pulls back the curtain on an oft-ridiculed segment of society, the “soccer mom” (or dad!) and reveals the deeper recesses of the human psyche. The realization that to have a child is “the death of the self,” that some days the best you can do as a parent is “just be there,” and myriad other epiphanies. From Pre-Game to Post-Game, from “Aging” to “Zidane,” there are life lessons for player and parent.

—Shaindel Beers, author of Secure Your Own Mask, Winner of the White Pine Press Poetry Prize 



I am not sure I have encountered a writer who can so completely, and continuously, blindside me with a smack of emotion as Joseph Mills always does. Reading several of these stories, I was nodding along, thinking yep, yep, yep . . . and then WHOA. I found pieces of myself in so many of the parents, and so clearly identified other family members and people I know in some of the other characters. I love the connections between the stories and how he perfectly captures life as a parent. This is simply fantastic.

—Jamie Rogers Southern, Bookmarks

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