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"String Figures": Column for ChangeSeven Magazine

Although many people say nice things about my work, no one, not even the most sympathetic and pitying, would praise the way I blunder through “Amazing Grace” or rudimentary piano pieces. Nonetheless, in my middle age, I've decided to learn piano, and, as with everything else, I'm writing about it.



        "The Decision"



"The Practice of Attention": A blog

A blog that I kept for several years and which I continue to leave up because there are entries that may interest on writing poetry, the work of E.B. White, Blazing Saddles, Edward Hopper....



Stage Directions poems.

In April, 2016, Press 53 will release Exit, Pursued By a Bear, a collection of poems prompted by stage directions in Shakespeare. Some of them can be read in the following places:


Two Hawks Quarterly: "Enter Helena"




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